Crowdfunding Platform to Assist Fire Ravaged Communities

August 22, 2017
Local Crowdfunding Platform to Assist Fire Ravaged Communities
Vanderhoof, BC. – As devastating wildfires continue to tear across the province of British Columbia many small and medium sized businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations are seeking solutions to make rebuilding easier. Local crowdfunding platform, InvestLocalBC feels it can assist in some small way. 
“Sourcing funds to assist with the recovery from the wildfires is an excellent example of what the InvestLocalBC platform was created to accomplish.” said Graham Stanley, the Manager of Community Futures Stuart Nechako which created the platform. “Local solutions to local problems.”
With so many rural communities being impacted by the wildfires, this local perspective has taken on a whole new significance. “Right now we are just seeing the emergency portion of this disaster,” said Stanley, “the rebuilding of our communities will be going on for years to come. With this in mind and with our mandate to assist local communities InvestLocalBC waiving the service fees for any campaign involved in the rebuilding from these horrific fires.”  InvestLocalBC operates under a “fixed funding” model. Fixed funding assumes administrative fees of a 5% commission. This commission will be waived for all vetted projects and campaigns, removing at least one financial barrier to reconstruction.
To further the cause InvestLocalBC has partnered with Fundrazr a crowdfunding pioneer in BC to “increase our reach on the nonprofit side and FundRazr has an extremely large audience,” stated Stanley.
Anyone looking at a wildfire recovery or community redevelopment campaign can visit the website at or contact local manager Tom Bulmer with any questions or concerns. Call 1-800-266-0611 or email
InvestLocalBC allows for local funding solutions to local funding problems.
Buy Local. Make Local. Invest Local.
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