District Committee Vacancies - Get Involved!

February 25, 2019
Volunteering is a great way for residents to get involved, provide input on important issues and make a positive contribution to our community. The District is currently accepting applications to fill vacancies on the following Committees.
Board of Variance Committee: Although most construction and renovations to building in the District of Lillooet can be accomplished in compliance with relevant bylaws, from time to time unique property conditions might make this difficult. When that happens, the situation may be addressed by the District’s Board of Variance (BOV). In Lillooet, BOV consists of three members: Two members of the public selected in accordance with the Local Government Act and one appointed member of Council.
BOV applications are made in two instances:
  • When a landowner believes that they will suffer hardship by complying with a zoning regulation; and/or
  • When a landowner would like to make a structural alteration or addition to a non-confirming building.
Parcel Tax Roll Review Committee:  Purpose:  As per Section 204 of the Community Charter, before a parcel tax is imposed, Council must appoint three persons as the members of the parcel tax roll review panel to consider any complaints respecting the parcel tax roll.
Complaints may be made to the parcel tax roll review panel on one or more of the following grounds:
  • Errors or omissions respecting a name or address on the parcel tax roll;
  • Errors or omissions respecting the inclusion of a parcel;
  • Errors or omissions respecting the taxable area or the taxable frontage of a parcel;
  • Exemptions that have been improperly allowed or disallowed.
Deadline for applications is Monday, March 25, 2019.

Applications be found on the District Website and are available for pickup at the Municipal Hall located at 615 Main Street, Lillooet, BC. If you are considered for a position, the District will advise you of the selection process.

For more information on the Committee selection process and how you can serve the community of Lillooet, please contact Michael Roy, Chief Administrative Officer, at 250.256.4289 or cao@lillooetbc.ca.