District of Lillooet's Response to COVID-19

March 16, 2020

The District of Lillooet understands that the current coronavirus/COVID-19 situation is very concerning and stressful for many people. We want you to know that the District is taking this situation very seriously and we are acting in the best interests of the community to reduce the risks of and respond swiftly to a potential outbreak.

We are doing this by...
• strictly adhering to the guidance from health authorities;
• actively monitoring the situation so we can act immediate as things change;
• continually updating our facility and service risk assessments and adjusting our services accordingly;
• offering our support to Interior Health Authority (IHA);
• keeping in contact with the Chamber of Commerce to address business needs;
• coordinating with IHA, other agencies, and neighbouring First Nations; and
• taking steps to ensure we can continue to provide critical public services such as safe drinking water, sanitary sewer treatment, and fire protection services.

Following the guidance of health professionals, the District will continue to work with our partners to ensure a coordinated approach. We strongly recommend that every citizen of Lillooet follow the advice of our health agencies to slow the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19. For the latest information and recommendations, please visit the BC Centre of Disease Control (CDC) website.

If you suspect you have been exposed to, or are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus/COVID-19, please contact your primary care provider, local public health office, or call 8-1-1. Please do not go to their office in person unless you contact them in advance to let them know you may be a carrier so that they can take appropriate precautions prior to your arrival.

Until further notice, in accordance with the current health advice, we encourage everyone needing to do business with the District of Lillooet to contact us by phone (250-256-4289) or email (info@lillooet.ca) instead of in person.