Lillooet Economic Development Disaster Response: Emergency Hotline

August 22, 2017
Economic Development
Local Disaster Response: Emergency Hotline

Community Futures has heard from some of the businesses in Lillooet that they believe that they have been impacted by the Wildfires, due to road closures etc.

They are working with BCEDA and Province trying to have Lillooet included so they can apply for support.

IF they are going to negotiate on your behalf, you need to phone the hotline and demonstrate the challenges you have been facing. 

To date they have had little response from the community of Lillooet.

Please take the 10-15 minutes to call the hotline (attached).  Without this data we cannot encourage the support that is needed in Lillooet.

Thank you !

Debra  Arnott
General Manager  
250.453.9165 /1.800.567.9911       
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