Parcel Tax Rolls

March 07, 2019
Notice is hereby given that the following parcel tax rolls are available for inspection at the District office located at 615 Main Street, Lillooet, BC during regular office hours.
  • Central Lillooet Sanitary Sewer Collection Area Parcel Tax Roll
  • Sewer Service Parcel Tax Roll
  • Water Service Parcel Tax Roll
A person who owns a parcel included in the parcel tax roll(s) may request that the roll(s) be amended on one or more of the following grounds only:
  • There is an error or omission respecting a name or address on the parcel tax roll;
  • There is an error or omission respecting the inclusion of a parcel;
  • There is an error or omission respecting the taxable area or the taxable frontage of a parcel;
  • An exemption has been improperly allowed or disallowed.
Written notice of a request to amend the parcel tax roll(s) must be received in the District office by 10:00am on Friday, March 29, 2019.  Please include your name, phone number, roll number, property address and the reason for the request and submit it to:
District of Lillooet
Attn: Joni L’Heureux, Deputy Director of Finance
615 Main Street
PO Box 610
Lillooet, BC   V0K 1V0